In 2008-2009 we set up an Open Source Blog Class at First School of Architecture in Rome. A tool for students, teachers and tutors to foster exchanges, collaborations, critics for the the creative production in the field of architecture and exhibition design.

Dear reader, welcome to our Urban Exhibition Design Lab, which is a teaching experiment driven at First School of Architecture “Ludovico Quaroni” at Roma “La Sapienza” Univerity. This web site documents the design activity of a specialization class in Exhibition Design at last year of Scenography, Exhibition and Interior Design course. To know more about the Lab and how to use this site, which is in the shape of a blog,  you can follow reading our FAQ page.  Also you can start having a look the slideshows above or you can choose a post category in the menu bar. But for a more cross-fertilizing experience we suggest to also to try the Tags Cloud beside: posts belonged to different categories will appear clustered on the fly by the keyword clicked. Enjoy!

Here the final projects on issuu.com
Here the final presentation on youtube.com

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