Fantastic meeting with Kamiel Klaasse at NLA’s office in Amsterdam discussing a new book I’m curating for 22publishing. I had the chance to see the latest projects and to talk about their current activities. Following this link you can reach the Photogallery documenting the visit; continuing reading you can watch the video interview

We’ve talked about the condition of crisis of architecture in the Netherlands nowadays. Essentially the truth is after 9/11 the Netherlands suffered the worldwide shock but today there is a relative prosperity.

Some very experimental NL’s projects were cancelled because of lack of trust by contractors

NLA’s architecture comes out by revealing the hidden potentialities of what is banal and often neglected but mostly by referring to the discipline e.g. pragmatically challenging exhisting typology.

NLA are growing up: if you manage to survive the first 10 years then you start flourishing! It means you can be more specific and deeper in investigating projects.

NLA started they activity being four partners and now they are three. What did it happen to Mark? You must distribute ambition over different projects and be able to deal with frustration..

Mark is now Projects Developer for a large company.

How confident NLA are with italian young genration? Where we talk about Holland-Italy, Beniamino Servino and IAN+

Title: Interview with Kamiel Klaasse
Duration: 00:26:17.53
Size: 42.24 Mb
Interviewer: Daniele Mancini
Location: Amstedam, NLA Office
Date: November 23rd 2007

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